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Executive Board
Rick Edwards
Board Chairman, Butte-Silver Bow/NorthWestern Energy

Gail Leeper
Secretary-Treasurer, Town of Drummond

Dave Olsen
Town of Lima

Dan Sager
Powell County Commissioner
Karen Byrnes
Butte-Silver Bow County

JP Gallagher
Butte-Silver Bow County

Jordan Green
City of Deer Lodge

Amanda Cooley
Powell County

Kathleen Tarkalson

Terry Vermier
Deer Lodge County Commissioner

Carl Hamming
City Planner
Ray Ann Sutton
City of Dillon

Mike McGinley
Beaverhead County

Cory Kirsch
Jefferson County Commissioner

Gerry Keogh
City of Whitehall

Lindsey Graham

Executive Director, JLDC

John Bancroft
Town of Ennis

Ron Nye
Madison County Commissioner

Blanche McLure
Granite County Commissioner
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