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In partnership with NeighborWorks Montana, Headwaters RC&D offers in-depth information on all aspects of homeownership through a series of classes held throughout Headwaters economic development region on a bi-monthly basis. This is a great program for new and experienced home buyers, and provides a great opportunity to become a more educated home buyer.

The first step to creating successful homeowners is education. Educated homeowners stay in their homes longer, take pride in their properties, and have one-third less foreclosures. Headwaters offers Homebuyer Education Classes, an 8 hour course covering all aspects of the home buying process.


Headwaters depends on an array of experts from several areas of homeownership, to give presentations throughout the class covering the following home purchase areas:


  • Down payment and closing cost assistance

  • Self-help housing opportunities

  • Budgeting and credit

  • Working with a realtor

  • The mortgage process

  • Home inspections and maintenance

  • Insurance (homeowners and life)

  • Title insurance and closing process

Please note: Our classrooms are not suitable for children. Please arrange for child care during the class.

Next Class:


June 14&15, 2023


65 East Broadway, Butte, MT (Thornton Building)

$40 per person or $75 per couple (pay at the door, cash or checks only)

For questions contact Sam Motzko at

or 406-533-6784

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Headwaters RC&D offers individual counseling sessions to prepare first-time homebuyers for the many facets of the home buying process.

Pre-purchase counseling is offered to all consumers at any stage in the home buying process. Our trained and  nationally certified counselors will help you understand the lending process and provide information to assist you in making important decisions for financing your home.

Becoming a homeowner is an enormous undertaking and the financial responsibility extends beyond your new monthly mortgage payment. As part of your counseling session, your counselor will explain the full costs of homeownership and help you create a budget that balances your new obligations. Your counselor will also highlight available resources that may be useful in meeting your financial needs.

Our counseling sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual, and are completely confidential. 

Main topics include:

  • Budgeting

  • Credit Repair

  • Debt Reduction

  • Affordability Analysis

  • Step by Step Guidance through the Home-Buying Process


For more information on Homebuyer Education Classes or One-on-One Pre-purchase Counseling, please contact:

Kerry Taylor
Homebuyer Education Advisor



Homebuyer Education classes are funded in part by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Montana Board of Housing, Montana Department of Commerce, and NeighborWorks Montana.

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