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As a Food & Agricultural Development Center, Headwaters is part of a statewide network that provides assistance in food and value-added agricultural product development, marketing, and farm-based energy development. With centers in Joliet, Havre, Ronan and Butte, the network focuses on adding value to existing agricultural resources within Montana.

We work to support economic development by ensuring that more of the state’s food, agricultural and energy dollars circulate in Montana by keeping more of our agricultural products within the state by processing them locally.

Here at Headwaters, our services and expertise include:


  • Educational and training workshops

  • Revolving and micro loan funds

  • Business plan assistance

  • Financial and market assistance

  • Food system research and analysis

  • Renewable energy, including biomass

Additional training, coaching and technical assistance provided by the network, include:


  • Product development, testing and analysis

  • Regulatory compliance training

  • Food processing

  • Business planning and development

  • Market research

  • Business networking

  • Access to financing

  • Cooperative development

  • Education on industry dynamics and technologies

For more information please contact:


Joe Willauer

Director, Food and Agriculture

Development Center




Montana Department of Agriculture

Growth Through Agriculture Category I: Economic Development Projects  http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/GrantsLoans/GTA/

Growth Through Agriculture Category II: Mini Grants & Loans  http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/GrantsLoans/GTA/MiniGrantProgram.html

Trade Show Assistance Program  http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/Marketing/Startup_Resources/Trade_Shows/TradeShowAssistance/

Beginning Farm & Ranch Loan Program   http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/GrantsLoans/beginFarmRanch/

Building Our Montana Communities Program (FFA Grants)   http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/GrantsLoans/BOMC.html

Montana Junior Agriculture Loan Program  http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/GrantsLoans/JuniorAgLoans/

Rural Assistance Loan Program  http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/GrantsLoans/RuralAssistance/

Rural Community Development Grants  http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/GrantsLoans/ruralCommunityGrants/

Specialty Crop Block Grant  http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/GrantsLoans/SCBG/

Noxious Weed Trust Fund Grant Program  http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/GrantsLoans/TrustFund/