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If you haven't yet viewed the article below, we'd like to fill you in. National Burger Critic (yes, it's a thing!) Kevin Alexander traveled the country in search of America's best burgers. We know it was no easy feat and commend his commitment to such an important project. When we stumbled upon this article we noticed one thing - Montana didn't make the list.

Now, it's certainly not a secret that Montana has the some of the best beef in the country. So how could this be? In the words of the burger critic himself,

"This is not a list of every great burger I've ever had in my life. If I didn't eat the burger in this past year, it did not make the list -- so there will be some holes in places I didn't get a chance to hit, in states like Mississippi and Florida and the parts of Montana you only read about in Jim Harrison novellas that get turned into emotionally traumatic Brad Pitt films."

Fair enough. We can only assume that he'd have made it here if he could have. Still, Montana beef should be on that list. Therefore, the Montana Food and Ag Network has decided to launch our very own #MTBurgerQuest! Beginning July 1st, we will be on an official mission to find Montana's best burgers!

Here's how it works:

We need you to #MTBurgerQuest your favorite burgers! The only rule - MUST CONTAIN MONTANA BEEF. Take a picture, upload it to Instagram and/or Facebook, and #MTBurgerQuest. If you're super tech saavy, tag us in it, @MTLOCALFOOD. Burger Submission Deadline: 11:59 p.m., July 31, 2017.

Bonus Points: Upload your burger pic to Twitter, #MTBurgerQuest, @kalexander03 and @MTLocalFood!

Once we've received all of the delicious submissions, we'll generate a poll where you and your fellow Montanans can vote for Montana's BEST Burger! In the meantime, our Food and Ag Centers will do their best to sample as many burgers as humanly possibly. Hey, we're committed!

Come on Montana, lets bring the beef!

National Burger Quest Link:

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