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A Lentil Burger of a Good Time!

When the #MTBurgerQuest was announced, MMFEC had the perfect addition!

The Montana Lentil Burger is a product of Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center (MMFEC), the food and ag business development division of Lake County Community Development Corporation (LCCDC), in Ronan, MT. MMFEC’s mission is to enhance regional and state economic opportunities by providing client services to value added agriculture and specialty food businesses through the management and operation of a viable community-based food processing center.

The Montana Lentil Burger is comprised of 90% Montana grown ingredients, including lentils, mushrooms, oats, flax seed, onions, safflower oil and barley. The burger is an excellent highlight of a Montana pulse crop – lentils. Lentils are a great source of protein, iron, and folic acid. Unlike most veggie burgers currently on the market, the Montana Lentil Burger does not include any dairy, soy, or GMO ingredients. All of the ingredients for the Montana Lentil Burger are sourced through MMFEC, and the burger is hand-made, processed and packaged at MMFEC. The final product is then distributed through the Western Montana Grower’s Cooperative.

Hungry yet? You can snag your own box of lentil burgers at MMFEC

or the Good Food Store in Missoula.

To find out more information on the Montana Lentil Burger, and how to order it for your restaurant or institution, and to keep up with all MMFEC projects, visit our website at!

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