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The Best Burger in Montana is...

After doing some intense data-mining, tallying, and re-tallying, we have an official #MTBurgerQuest winner. With an extensive burger menu and a truly loyal following, Parkers Restaurant in Drummond has been voted the best burger establishment in Montana! From the "Leaning Tower of Cheeza" to the "Ba-da-bing" to the "Lava Burger," Parkers is without doubt a Montana favorite.

As you pull into Drummond you're first greeted by signage adorned with an image of the finest of Montana cattle. It's no wonder that it's where we'd find the finest of Montana burgers. Parkers Restaurant uses only local, grass-fed and hormone-free beef. A HUGE congratulations to Chef Brent and Jen Parker and the whole Parkers Restaurant family! A well deserved #MTBurgerQuest win!!

The Lava Burger, Photo Courtesy of:

Photo of the Lava Burger courtesy of:

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