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Burger Thoughts

As we wrap up the #MTBurgerQuest, we have a few final thoughts...

This local food campaign has been one of the most exciting projects we've had the pleasure of working on. Local food is near and dear to the hearts of those who work in the Food and Ag network! Farming and cattle-ranching is a way of life here in Montana, and what better way to bring attention to the amazing resources that we have in our state than promoting the consumption of locally produced and harvested goods!

While eating our collective weight in burgers, (almost never a bad thing), we've been afforded the opportunity to start the Beef-to-School conversation in one of our rural communities, Anaconda. We've also had the pleasure of visiting with some of our local cattle ranchers to discuss the obstacles that they face when trying to get their product to market. To top it off, I think we've made our point to our favorite National Burger Critic, Kevin Alexander, (all in good fun, of course) that Montana is a must in his future burger quest endeavors!

With #MTBurgerQuest coming to an end, we'd like to sincerely thank all of you who nominated burgers, shared our posts, and got excited about this campaign. We couldn't have, nor would we have wanted to do this without you! A most heartfelt 'Thanks' from all of us at the Montana Food and Ag Network!

The local food movement doesn't stop here - August is the official month of the Montana Local Food Challenge! For more information, visit

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